avalanche transceiver

  • Operates at international standard 457kHz beacon frequency
  • Three-axis antennas for accurate vectoring of victim location
  • Uses multiple gain stages for greater coverage

real-time processing 3gs Digitizer

  • 3 Gs/s sampling rate with 8 resolution bits
  • Xilinx Virtex6 LX240T for real-time processing
  • 4GB DDR3
  • High-speed host interfaces: SATA, GigE, USB2/3
  • 2.8 GHz front-end analog bandwidth
  • Selectable between AC and DC couplings

multi-band uwb transceiver

  • IEEE 802.15.4a compliant
  • Application: High-precision Real-Time Location System (RTLS)
  • Operating frequency bands: 500 MHz, 3.9 GHz, 4.5 GHz, 7.9 GHz
  • Mixed-signal pulse generation with 1.3 GHz bandwidth

delivering advanced technology solutions

android handheld platform

  • 1GHz ARM CPU
  • Transflective LCD display (works under direct sunlight)
  • GPS/GLONASS module with active antenna for maximum performance
  • WiFi (802.11 b/g/n) and BT2.1 + EDR
  • Nine-Axis (Gyro + Accelerometer + Compass) MEMS Sensors

Examples of previous projects